Besides the main ScopriMiniera/ScopriAlpi site located in Val Germanasca, it is possible to visit many traditional places of the local community thanks to the collaboration of institutions, associations, volounteers which guarantees the good functioning of the cultural resources network spread in the valley.

Loc. Paola – Prali (TO)

Regional Ecomuseum main site, it proposes the underground visit to Paola and Gianna talc mines. Visitors are the protagonists of this exciting experience in both itineraries: from experiencing the daily life, environment, and the mine work to experimenting a challenging scientific expedition, a journey through geological time in the Alps heart.

Salza di Pinerolo (TO)

The building that hosts the museum was a former Waldensian school at the beginning of 1800. Later it became the Municipality and Waldensian church.
In 2007 thanks to the project enhanced by the ecomuseum for the production of a Salza Community Map, local people had been involved in research, study and interpretation activity.
The enthusiasm and interest for this initiative became the driving force from which derives the willing to recover the historical building and to give it a new life as meeting place, laboratory of participated activities, Salza Community Map exhibition and presentation of the local community in its different aspects: economical, social, working and daily life habits.
The exhibition, made possible thanks to the donation of photos and belongings by the local community, represents an interesting union between past and present told in the “patouà”, the Occitan vernacular, accompaining every moment of the mountain life.


Salza tourist information at
“ Trattoria Deidier” – Tel. +39 0121 808644
Agriturismo “La Miando” – Tel. +39 0121 801018
or for schools and groups
Ecomuseo: Tel. / Fax +39 0121 806987

Besides Valle Germanasca “Waldensian valleys” indicates also Val Pellice and lower Val Chisone. The long history of the Waldensian Movement has left museums, places, buildings which highlight its historical, cultural and religious aspects. At the end of XIX century Waldensian communities began to preserve their rich cultural heritage, promoting a development process that has keeped many structures nowadays open to the public. This system has been organized under the “Sistema Museale Eco-storico delle Valli Valdesi”, which at present includes 10 museums and 5 places of memory. The activity are promoted jointly by the Museums Coordination and Waldensian Torre Pellice Historical Places. “Il Barba”is the Office that promotes the Waldensian itineraries and manages the organization of the Coordination, guided tours and educational projects.

Massello (TO)

Located in the old neighborhood school of the village, it has been established in 1993 thanks to the commitment of the Società di Studi Valdesi e della Comunità Valdese di Massello. It focuses on Waldensians return from Switzerland where the they were exiled (Glorious Repatriation, 1689) and on the siege of the Waldensian by the Savoy-French troops.


Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation Office for the tourist itineraries promotion “Il Barba”
Tel. +39 0121 950203

Prali (TO) Housed in the old school of Villa di Rodoretto, it was formerly born to host everyday life tools and objects of mountain life, mine equipments, agricultural tools. From 2005, it had been renovated thanks to the work of the local community. The volounteers have realized an accurate reproduction of domestic environments (old bedroom, kitchen, pantry, dining room) and a school class with wooden blackboard, desks and benches. Next to the museum you will find the community oven, still used by the residents and the Waldensian Church. The Rodoretto museum is therefore a journey through the past to discover everyday life and traditions of this mountain village.


Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation Office
for the tourist itineraries promotion
“Il Barba”
Tel. 0121.950203

Prali (TO)

The Museum chronicles the history of the Val Germanasca Waldensian community, through its events and its churches and it is located in one of the oldest churches, built in 1556. Recently the Museum has been renovated with a new set up.


Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation
Office for the tourist itineraries promotion
“Il Barba”
Tel. +39 0121 950203

Pomaretto (TO)

The “Ferrero Collection”is a thumbnail small world: mountain and peasant life scenes, depicted in over 150 little models, sculpted by Carlo Ferrero in boxwood representing the Val Germanasca mountain occupations. They depict old craftmanships and typical work places of the valley with particular attention to mines occupations and environments. Thematic groups depict the different occupations: livestock, land, wood, grapevine and wine, arts-crafts-entertainments, peasant families tools.
The collection is housed by Scuola Latina di Pomaretto (Latin School of Pomaretto), a documentation centre where are hosted also La “Biblioteca del Patouà” (The Library Patouà), a multimedia and educational class-room, a congress room, and the “Amici della Scuola Latina (Friends of the Latin School)” (management).


Associazione Amici della Scuola Latina
Tel. 0121.82505

Perrero (TO)

The “Deaconess Museum” in Vrocchi, besides the reproduction of Suor Ida room, a typically equipped classic studio flat, presents some illustrations of the history of Deaconessess, particularly the one of Ida Bert, deaconess of Bovile. The museum is housed at Beckwith school, in the centre of Vrocchi.

Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation Office for the tourist itineraries promotion “Il Barba”
Tel. 0121.950203

Associazione “Gruppo Amici della Montagna di Bovile”
tel. 345.5155386