Ramìe trails develops along the Pomaretto sunny slopes, crossing terraced field (“bari” in the local vernacular) and running along some “ciabot”(typical vineyard huts) in an evocative landscape discovering the places of production of the Ramìe wine. From the trail you will admire beautiful landscape views not only on Pomaretto and Perosa but also on a part of Val Germanasca and Val Chisone. Ramìè is a typical wine of Pomaretto area and it had obtained the DOC recognition (Denominazione di origine controllata, a quality assurance label for Italian wines) in 1996 in the “Pinerolese” denomination. It is produced with local grapes, mainly of four kinds: avënai, avarenc, neiret and lambrusco, besides rare varieties red, gray and white (bërlo chitto, bërlo groso, blanchet, përveiral…). Along the itinerary it is possible to see the monorail recently installed to facilitate the vineyard cultivation.

Point of interest