An amazing adventure, a spectacular journey through time and space!

The Germanasca Valley represents a spectacular natural geological section to learn many of the kind of rocks that contributed to the formation of the Alps.
As consequence of the mineral processing and extracting industry together with the studies that derived from it, today a large number of data about the unique geological value of this area is available to visitors and scholars.

One hint only…the existence of oceanic origin rocks marked in an old map, rocks that curiously stand above rocks of continental origin!! How is it possible to explain this “reversal” and unusual rocky layer? Is this a remarkable proof related to the Alps formation or is it just a fortuity?

How the idea of ScopriAlpi tour was born: inside “Gianna” mine, nearly at a depth of 2 km from the surface, the work galleries has intercepted and made visible a “tectonic plate contact”. It will be then possible to see the scar which confirms and testifies the collision happened 65 millions years ago between the lands which are nowadays known as Africa and Europe, responsible of the formation of the Alps as we know them today.

The visitors will penetrate the heart of the mountain, going up through the Geological era on Time Machine board, discovering the still unveiled misteries of our planet.

ScopriAlpi develops among clefts, galleries, and structures of a mine opened more than 60 years ago. The mine worked until 1995 to transport the finest white talc to the light from underground and has recently become a tool of scientific research, simple and exciting at the same time: large maps, videoprojections and multimedia installations, lights, sounds and voice-overs take the visitors along the Gianna underground galleries during a 3 hours tour .