An unforgettable adventure, discovering a talc mine!

Entering the gallery on the miners little train let the visitor feel fresh air on the skin while being surrounded by darkness, interrupted only by the pure white talc glittering, then being surprised by the complete silence of the mines and finally being startled by the strong jackhammers vibrations as well as by the sound of sudden explosions: all the five senses are magically stimulated by this game of contrasts created by ScopriMiniera!

The tour take place all along the main gallery of “Paola” mine and a big underground ring next to the former mining sites, 1.5 km of galleries and narrow tunnels in total.
The tour deepens the theme of the peasant-miner and testifies of over 100 years of talc mining, the finest “White of the Alps” talc, that has profoundly marked the life in the valley and the mineral processing industry in Italy.

ScopriMiniera starts on the little miners train, adding a little of adventure to this journey to the centre of the earth.
The itinerary develops then on foot, along the mining tunnels and galleries, involving all the five senses in this journey in the heart of the mountain.

Hearing the noise of an explosion, holding a drilling machine in fuction, walking in the darkness with the only light of an acetylene torch: these are just some of the experiences of the full immersion 2 hours visit in the daily life of the miners.

Each time that the little train leaves the station, ScopriMiniera represents a unique and exciting experience for 60 visitors: touching with their own hands the underground world of “Paola” mine, to experience the past mineral processing and to discover that there are still more than 100 people working in the extraction of the world finest and purest white talc in Val Germanasca, after a century since the opening of the mines.